Female to Male surgery involves removing the uterus and ovaries of the patient and altering the external genitalia to resemble those of a male. The urethra is lengthened and once the vaginal opening has been closed a phalloplasty is performed, fabricating a realistic male sexual organ.


The uterus will be removed and then the surgeon will prepare the urethral skin abdominal tube and finally mastectomy or breast removal or reconstruction. These procedures require 7-9 days in Thailand after the surgery.


This stage includes the construction of the penis from the abdominal skin which required 1 night at the hospital and 10 days in Thailand.


This stage should be done after 6 months from the last stage, and it includes connecting the urethra and silicone testicles (Made in Brazil). This requires 1 night at the hospital and 7 days in Thailand.


This stage should be done after 3 months from the last stage, and it includes the insertion of the silicon penis to make it hard and sculpture the gland penis + minor corrections. This stage requires one night at the hospital and 7 days in Thailand. Patients must return for removal of stitches after two weeks and should not engage in sexual activity for two months after surgery. The surgeon will explain everything you need to know during the recovery period.

Available Hospitals

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Inquire Asia Cosmetic Bangkok
Inquire Kamol POPULAR Bangkok
Inquire Phuket (PPSI) POPULAR Phuket
Inquire V Plast Pattaya
Inquire Yanhee POPULAR Bangkok

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There are three stages in the female to male sex change surgery separated by 3-6 months interval.


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