Face Lift (mini)

Face Lift (mini) includes: Mid face lift (cheeks area) + Neck lift

A procedure that takes place on the mid-areas of the face to fight signs of aging that include dropping and sagging of the cheeks. It also aims to treat areas of the cheeks and lower lids.


The incisions are made at the lower eye-lid area right below the eyelashes and it stretches all the way down to the corners of your mouth.The reason for deep cuts is to allow the surgeon to tighten and pull the muscles resting around the nose and to push the cheeks upwards. During this phase, tissues are stitched to form structures below the sockets of the eyes. Therefore, bags of fat deposits lying on the under-eye area will be removed.

Unnecessary extra skin that contributes to wrinkles will be removed in order to eliminate as much fine lines and wrinkles as possible.


During consultation you are obligated to inform a surgeon of your lifestyle and any medications/vitamins/supplements you may be using as such can affect your treatment and also prolong your recovery.


During the recovery period, you are advised to avoid medications such as aspirin, non-steroidal, and anti-inflammatory medications or any medications that contain the same derivatives during the first two weeks. Smokers are continued to refrain from smoking until full recovery has taken place.


Unavoidable side effects include numbness, bruising, and swelling. Pain will be at it’s peak during the first 48 hours, after this crucial period the pain will subside. Pain killers will be prescribed in order to alleviate the pain.

Available Hospitals

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Price (from) Hospital / Clinic City
100,000 APEX Bangkok
120,000 Bangkok Pattaya
195,800 Bangpakok9 POPULAR Bangkok
105,000 F Clinic Bangkok
120,000 Kamol POPULAR Bangkok
140,000 Phuket (PPSI) POPULAR Phuket
120,000 San Paulo Hua Hin
100,000 Yanhee POPULAR Bangkok

Before & After

Nights in Hospital: 2-3
Duration of operation is about 1-3 hours and you need to stay in Thailand for at least 8 days.


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