If you have a wide nose that makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure about your appearance, there is good news: a surgery is available to narrow your nose and give you the appearance you’ve always wanted.

This procedure, called alarplasty, is less extreme than a full rhinoplasty so it’s ideal for people looking for that subtle change in appearance without the recovery of a major surgery. People who are candidates for this procedure have noses with a wide opening or flared nostrils.

So read on to learn more about alarplasty, a procedure that can really shift your self-confidence and your life for the better.


The procedure is usually just done under a local anesthesia, unlike a full rhinoplasty. In an alarplasty, the plastic surgeon will first perform an evaluation to determine specifically what work will be done. He will create incisions inside the nose at the point where the nasal wall meets your cheek.
Here, tissue, skin, muscle and fat deposit can be trimmed and reduced into the desired form.

Since the incisions are all inside the nose, the scars, after healing, won’t be visible to the outside.


Before you go in for an alarplasty, you should inform your doctor about any allergies or medical conditions you have.

You should also tell them about any medications or vitamins that you take regularly. Don’t take any aspirin or Vitamin E oil 1 day before surgery.

It’s also very important to quit smoking for 2 days before and 1 month after an alarplasty surgery. You should also plan to be in Thailand for 2-3 days after your surgery, for recovery time and so you can go back in to see the doctor just in case any complications should arise.


The recovery for an alarplasty is much more mild than that of a rhinoplasty.

After your surgery, you will have stitches in for 5 days. After 5 days, you must go back to the doctor to have them removed, or else the doctor can use dissolving stitches so you don’t have to go back in.

The doctor will give you instructions for taking care of yourself at home, but one recommendation will be to raise your head above the rest of your body during sleep. This will help speed up the recovery process.


There is risk associated with any kind of surgery, but the risks during alarplasty are generally quite mild.

The anesthesia used in the surgery might cause a bit of a headache after surgery.

There might also be some swelling near the incision lines, or even a bit of numbness. But these symptoms should disappear no more than 2 weeks after surgery.

Overall, alarplasty is a great choice for people looking to improve their appearance with as little risk and side effects as possible.

Available Hospitals

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Price (from) Hospital / Clinic City
20,000 APEX Bangkok
16,500 Bangkok Pattaya
27,500 Bangpakok9 POPULAR Bangkok
24,000 Bellamode Clinic POPULAR Bangkok
20,000 F Clinic Bangkok
20,000 Jungceylon Phuket
15,750 Kamol POPULAR Bangkok
15,000 Naravee Bangkok
45,000 Paolo Bangkok
20,000 Phuket (PPSI) POPULAR Phuket
12,000 San Paulo Hua Hin
30,000 Yanhee POPULAR Bangkok

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Nights in Hospital: 0
Duration of operation is about 1-3 hours and you need to stay in Thailand for at least 9 days.


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