Must-Have Apps When Visiting Thailand

Below is a list of android and iOS applications that have proved to be useful while visiting Thailand. Have a look and maybe you will discover something that can help you out on your next trip to this tropical paradise.



Want to try the local restaurants but still stay in budget?

With Eatigo you can make restaurant reservations online with up to -50% discount. In most places the discount covers only food, not drinks. Before ordering, show the waitress your reservation confirmation which will be sent to your email or mobile phone.

Location: Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.



Too tired to go to a restaurant? Thinking of pizza and movie night?

With Foodpanda you can order food online from restaurants in your area. You can choose between cash-on -delivery or online payment. The delivery guy will call you when he arrives and you just pick up the food.

Location: Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, and Hua Hin.



Forgot to buy some groceries? Too tired to move but really want some ice cream?

With Happy Fresh you can order groceries online and choose the time you want them to be delivered. You can choose between several stores and pay online or cash-on-delivery.



The Taxi driver doesn’t understand English? You don’t have any internet but need some help with finding your hotel?

MAPS.ME doesn’t require any internet, all maps work perfectly offline. The app shows you your location and you can insert the name or the address of your destination to see where it’s located. Take a screenshot and show it to your taxi driver to ensure that he knows where to take you. Use real time GPS navigation to drive from one point to the other. Search for places in your area (restaurants, hotels, shops, tourist attractions etc.) and save your favourite locations to easily find them later.



Need a ride? Want to know the price before booking a taxi? Don’t like the hassle of explaining the taxi driver where to go?

With GRAB you can book private cars, taxis, and motorbikes online. Insert your destination and check the fare before confirming the booking. The app also shows you the name and picture of the driver. The app automatically detects your location for pickup and you can track your driver on his way there. Pay by cash or credit card and get an email receipt after the ride. Drivers use GPS to get to your destination, no need to explain anything.



Need cheap accomodation? Want to book an entire house or apartment? Want to book just one room?

AIRBNB lets you choose between single rooms, whole apartments or houses that you can rent for shorter or longer periods of time. Prices vary from cheap to expensive, but generally using AIRBNB is cheaper than staying in hotels.



Need to book a hotel, but don’t know which one or where? Want to stay in budget?

With Agoda you can safely search and book hotels and hostels online. See the location of your hotel on a map, inspect pictures of the interior and rooms, and read real reviews from real people. Agoda has also many discounts and limited time offers.



Need to buy something but cannot find it anywhere? Hate going to crowded shopping malls? Looking for the best price?

With Lazada you can order things online and get them delivered to your doorstep. There is a very wide variety of products available. Read carefully about the duration of the delivery, as local deliveries take only a few days, but the overseas shipping might take weeks. Don’t worry if you are not available when the items are delivered, they will be left in the reception where you can collect them later. Lazada has also many discounts and exclusive deals.



Feeling bored and don’t know where to go or what to do? Cannot decide between several activities? Want to do something fun but still stay in budget?

With Klook you can search fun activities using your location or keywords. Klook has also many discounts with deals up to 60% off the normal price. No need to print out anything, just purchase the e ticket online and use your phone to show it. Decide what activity is best by watching videos of the experiences in action and reading reviews by real people.



Want to know what other people think? Needs some information about where to go or what to do in your area? Want to know what are the top 10 hotels or restaurants in your city?

Trip Advisor, as the name says, advises you with all the questions you might have on your trip. You can search for activities, hotels or restaurants in your area and read reviews from real people and look at the photos they have taken. Probably there isn’t a question or a topic that hasn’t been discussed in Trip Advisor. If you really cannot find an answer, you can always post your own question.



Want to stay in contact with all your new Thai friends?

Line is the no.1 communication app in Thailand. You can send free messages, voice and video calls and chat with up to 200 friends simultaneously using group video call. Use a variety of effects and filters to make your video calls more fun. Store your photos, messages, and photos in Keep storage. Share messages, photos, videos, stickers, and make international calls to mobile phones at low rates.



Travelling alone and interested in making new friends? Want to meet other people that share the same hobbies, passions, and ideas as you do?

Using Meetup you can find other people that have similar hobbies or interests with you. If you’re into sports, you can join a group of people to go running in a park or do yoga. If you like partying, you can join the group that goes to nightclubs. You love playing cards? Well, then join the guys who play card games every Friday night. You can even join a study group or career and networking groups. There is something for everyone!



Want to listen to some Thai or international music for free? Want to discover some new music?

Joox lets you listen to Asian and International music for free. Some songs are meant only for premium users, but you can unlock them for a certain time by sharing a song in social media, for example Facebook. You can search the songs or artists by their names or you can listen to ready made playlists. You can also read the lyrics of the songs that are playing and download certain amount of songs to your device to listen offline.



Want to learn some Thai language? Struggle to understand the street food vendors?

Learn Thai Phrasebook has all the essential phrases you need for your daily life in Thailand. The best thing about this app is that you can also listen to the pronunciation of the phrases. The app doesn’t require any internet connection making it easy to use in any situation. Search phrases using keywords and save the most useful in favourites. Last but not least, there are no annoying ads!

BONUS TIP: If you have any more questions about Thailand check out the Bangkok Expats Facebook group.


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