Location: Bangkok (map)
Closest Airport: Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
Distance from airport to hospital: 23 km and about 31 minutes without traffic


HE Clinic in the heart of Bangkok is Thailand’s first and only clinic that provides specific treatments and procedures developed exclusively for Men. The clinic was founded by one of the best plastic surgeons and Men’s health experts in Europe, Dr. Richard Diackis from France.

The clinic offers four different types of services: Enhancement (penis enhancement by 100% safe and effective Hyaluronic Acid injections), Anti-Aging (hormone treatments), Face (Botulinum injections, Facial plastic surgery, PRP) and Life Coaching (Performance anxiety, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction). HE Clinic is located in trendy Thong Lo area that is famous for its high-quality cuisine and hot nightlife.


Accepted Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • JCB
  • Amex
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
Operation Hours (UTC+07:00)
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:00 – 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 – 20:00
Thursday 10:00 – 20:00
Friday 10:00 – 20:00
Saturday 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday 10:00 – 20:00

Accreditations are awarded to outstanding hospitals or clinics based on a set of high quality standards consistently met.

The Hospital Accreditation (HA) of Thailand began as a research and development project, funded by the World Health Organization. Today the HA program is not merely a certification or an accreditation program, but it is intended to be a mechanism to encourage total hospital quality improvement in a systematic way.

Temos Quality in International Dental Care is given to dental practices and clinics with a strong focus on international dental patients.


Temos is an independent certification body focusing on the medical tourism sphere. It assesses medical service providers all over the world to ensure that the demands and requirements of international patients are met.

The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) was established in 1980 to develop an accreditation program to standardize and improve the quality of medical and surgical care in ambulatory surgery facilities

Joint Commission International (JCI) represents the gold standard in global health care, with accredited hospitals boasting the latest technology and the best doctors. It promotes rigorous standards of care and provides solutions for achieving peak performance.

ISO is the world’s most recognized quality management system. It ensures that organizations provide a high standard of service so that the expectations and demands of their customers are met.

ISQua or the International Society for Quality in Health Care monitors the standards of organizations which set benchmarks in healthcare safety and quality. It is a key partner of the World Health Organisation (WHO).


ar English
th ไทย (Thai)
fr Français (French)


Number of rooms: –
Years in business: 2


Emergency phone assistance available 24/7
Free Coffee
Free Consultation
Free International Calls
Free Local Calls
Free Shuttle
Free Water
Free Wifi
Is Clinic
Is Hospital
Translators Available
Wheelchair Access
Free Parking


Family accommodation in same room available
Fitness Center
Kids playground
Microwave in the room
Nursery / Nanny Services
Private rooms for patients available
Rehabilitation Center
Religious Facilities
Spa and Wellness
TV in the room


Close to Airport (30km max.)
Close to Beach
Close to Hotel (1km max.)
Close to Public Park
Near Shopping Area
Near to BRT (Bus Rapid Transit system)
Near to BTS (Skytrain)
Near to MRT (Underground Mass Rapid Transit network)


Read more about the programs.

Read more about the programs.

Facial program:

  • Facial massage 300 per 20 minute.
  • Filler 15,000 per CC.
  • Bofox 350 per unit.
  • Mesotherapy 3,500 per time | Promotion: 10x for 30,000.

Penis augmentation program:

  • HA filler 7,50015,000 per CC (minimum suggestion 8-10 CC).

Erectile dysfunction program:

  • Consulting with specialist
  • Lab test for routine health check up and hormone level
  • Testosterone replacement therapy in case of low T level
  • Vasodilator tablets: Levitra or Viagra

(Package include consulting fee, lab test, TRT and tablets cost 30,000 per visit every 3 months)
Renova linear shock wave machine for improving ED (100,000 per 4 times course)

Post cycle therapy for clients who used testosterone byself and have problems.

Anti-aging program:

  • Lab test for routine health check up, hormone level, heavy metal level (3,5004,000)
  • Chelation program (3,500/time or 25,000/10 times)
  • Vitamin cocktails injection (3,500/time or 30,000/10 times)

Nutritions and body building program:

  • Lab test for routine health check up, hormone level and nutrigenomic test (25,000)
  • Find suitable diets for your own gene and have diet programs from specialist to control weight
  • Advice training programs from national athlete of body building sport to bulid your muscle in the right way
  • Testosterone injection help promote body building under advice my medical team (cost depend on programs adjust by doctor around 5,0008,000 a month)

Life coaching / Neuro-linguistic programming
Psychological consulting with NLP master which help support your mind and any psychological issues that cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation (3,500/hour for counselling).


Read reviews by real people.

Even better than I could have believed.

Following a complex that I have always had, one of my friends told me about Dr. Diacakis, because he himself was one of his patients.expand

I went to see him to have an injection penoplasty. Dr. Richard immediately advised me as to how it should be. He is a person of competence and very human.
I am very happy with the result, even better than I could have believed!! Thanks to Doctor Richard for changing my life.


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)

I can be 100% myself.

From my adolescence, it was something that bothered and worried me a lot. Since the operation, I have forgotten how bad the problem was. I have no complex and I can be 100% myself. A success!


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)

I can finally take advantage of my youth!

Went from 10 cm of circumference to 12 cm. Before I was really neurotic for a long time. I was unmarried because I was ashamed.expand

Now I feel more virile and I am no longer afraid of having new conquests.
I can finally take advantage of my youth! Thank you, Doctor Richard!


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)


No pain and incredible results!

Thank you Doctor Chayut. I was operated on in March 2017 and since then my life has changed! Excellent service, very professional, beautiful clinic, no pain and incredible results!


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)

I am still very satisfied with the results.

As you all know I had a small operation 2 months back. Now 2 months later, I am still very satisfied with the results and I can say that YOU should do it as well. Not only do you get a bigger package, it also has benefits in the encounters scene.


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)

I look years younger.

Had my Botulinum treatment last week at He Clinic. Only took a few minutes and was painless. Now my girlfriend (and my Mom!) says that I look years younger. Thank you Dr Chayut.


Botulinum Treatment

Doctor was very attentive and very professional.

“Before I was very neurotic: my circumference was around 9 cm. My long-time friends did not tell me anything but I sensed that there was some bad feeling from them.expand

I was ashamed each time I made a new conquest and had to act. After several months of celibacy, I decided to contact Dr. Diacakis at He Clinic. I wanted a new start, to regain confidence when I met new women.
The operation, not painful, went very well. The doctor was very attentive and very professional. Today I am up 12 cm and I feel more secure in myself. I do not regret anything!


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)

WOW, what a difference my sex life is now.

I have always been OK in the length department. My friend told me about the He Clinic procedure.expand

He explained to me that that length is not what women want, they want girth. So, I made the call! I spoke with a Doctor there and he told me to come in for a private and discreet consultation.
WOW, what a difference my sex life is now. The orgasms my women experience now are earth-shattering. Thank you, He Clinic for making me a new man.


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)

 I came out happy and satisfied.

It was all very patient, very competent, accommodating and very friendly. I went for a hyaluronic acid filler injection and I came out happy and satisfied without any more neurotics. Thank you again Doctor for your listening and your professionalism!! Truly!


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)

One statement – life changing.

Taking a shower in the open shower in the men’s room might have been a problem before, but now that’s disappearedexpand

Although I don’t think I differ much from the rest, but I just wanted to get that extra girth and feel strong, like a big built bull. That’s what I wanted. And that gives the confidence to a guy.
That confidence is what HE Clinic has given me. Life will never be the same again. No amount of money can fulfill the feeling of confidence and being big on the front and in your pants.
I checked various Doctors, I researched from the USA TO ENGLAND TO NEW ZEALAND AUSTRALIA, and ended up just going through He clinic website, and found that they are genuine and they use high-quality products.
When it’s your lifelong partner in your pants, don’t ever think about saving money, cos that’s your life. That’s exactly what I thought, but I got good service and value for money, with complete satisfaction in the entire process.
Within a day I was back to normal, within a week I was back to having sex, and hell yeah, I can feel the damn difference. So much stronger, and when I’m normal I’m feeling, even more, volume there.
Dr Chayut has changed my life and his dedication to explaining the procedures and the way he handled it was professional and he is a perfectionist.
One word – satisfaction
One sentence – you’re in good hands
One statement – life changing


Injection Penoplasty (Penis Enhancement)


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